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Maximize your reimbursements. Minimize your headaches.

Why P1?

  • Number One in customer service.
    • Concierge, cell phone accessible, dedicated customer service rep available at any time.
  • Up-front billing analysis, up front AR analysis, and up front coding analysis
    • We will analyze your current billing, your current AR cycles and your current coding norms to identify where you may be leaving money on the table, where you could be increasing your reimbursements and where you can be optimizing your coding
    • We will recommend a solution for you that will immediately increase your cash flow
    • We will advise as to how we can recover some of your old AR
  • We will work with you, no matter what your size, to determine the optimal implementation path for our billing solution.
    • We make implementation decisions based on YOUR convenience, not our convenience
    • We offer a completely integrated solution utilizing our Practice Management, our EHR with back end integration into our Billing Service
    • For clients happy with their current Practice Management and/or EHR, we will work with your existing systems to ensure our Billing Service integrates seamlessly with what you already have
  • Billing goes out right the first time, minimizing denials and maximizing cash flow.
    • We work with your coding, your contracts and your practices to ensure that billing goes out right the first time.
      • Contracts entered accurately
      • Copays entered accurately
      • Coding is optimized
      • Use our PM system or keep your own; we will work with you regardless
  • Our billers review everything prior to it going out
    • No lag time added to cycle
    • Check for optimal compliance to current regulations
    • Check for optimal coding
    • We identify issues and address them prior to sending out the claims
      • Minimizes denials
      • Maximizes cash flow
    • Training
      • We train your staff initially in coding best-practices
      • If we encounter persistent coding issues, we will train and retrain your staff to ensure we bill right the first time.