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Practice Management

Setting the Record Straight

Our Medical Suite is a complete Practice Management software system, designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Our innovative software system will help you resolve all your practice management tasks, from medical billing to claims remediation. We proudly present an entirely HIPAA-ready system that meets all your practice's needs.

Billing and Scheduling

Spend less time on your billing and scheduling tasks. Generate recall letters, post payments, and automate your A/R Management, collections, and payment posting.

  • Electronic Superbill
  • EMC
  • Automated Confirmation
  • Eligibility Checking
  • Automated Collections
  • Customized Coding
  • Automated Payment Posting
  • A/R Management
  • Collections
  • Recall Procedures


Gain control over your documents by organizing them in our documents module. The module's features enable you to efficiently update documents, include any annotations, and lock them with a digital signature.

  • Scanning
  • Imaging
  • Workflow
  • Online Updates


Access rights are assigned to specific users, so only authorized personnel are able to see patient medical records. Our auditing feature tracks who used or modified any records.