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Mobile PDA

Practice Success with our Mobile Solution

Using our Mobile Solution on a PDA, you can charge services to patient accounts from any location, not just your office.

You can activate current records or add new patient records, exchange data and services performed with your colleagues and office based system. Keeping track of patient records and billing has never been easier.

Our Mobile Solution Benefits

  • No lost data
  • Paperless process
  • Accurate data with you at all times
  • No need to separate or delay hospital billing activity
  • Increased communication between doctors
  • Service level communication assuring continuity with other providers in your practice
  • Reduction of exposure and liability with previously forgotten services
  • Increased speed of charge approval and billing
  • Organize and maintain records of patients in your office workflow
  • Available patient information
  • Faster searching with large data
  • Quick List views of frequently used CPT4 & ICD9 Codes
  • Repeat previous charges